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We pride ourselves on finding Bikes, cycling Experiences and Corporate Hospitality that offer

Better, Different and more Enjoyable

Albert Einstein summed our philosophy up well 

"The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd."




Our suppliers; 3T (Bergamo, Italy), FARA (Oslo, Norway) and Di Luca (Abruzzo, Italy), share our drive to deliver Better, Different and more Enjoyable.

Gerard Vroomen (3T) is a re-nowned industry innovator, FARA has ex professionals Jeff Webb and Thor Hushovd driving design and another ex pro, Danilo Di Luca is the driving force behind Di Luca.

Ready for a new bike?  You can select 3T, FARA or Di Luca bikes from the main menu or click on the 'More information' button below to go straight to our 3T Shop.



Authentic cycling adventures

Whether it's the magnificent Italian lakes, exploring rugged Norway, or riding along the coast and into the mountains in and around the Cote d'Azur, ride with us and enjoy the routes the locals choose to ride.

When you ride with us, it's also about great cafes, food and drink in great settings and accommodation where you can relax and enjoy time away from the day to day.

Just click on the 'More information' button and start looking forward to "wow" moments every day.

Bikes on a Bridge



Uninterrupted time to talk, build understanding and strengthen relationships with the people important to your business.  With thousands of enthusiastic cyclists working in your industry, a cycling event is a great option.

In addition to supporting business growth and progress, cycling offers fitness, wellbeing and camaraderie. 

Interested in a ride with us?  Click on the 'More information' button to find out more and start a conversation.

Gravel Road into the Forest

TCS Gravel Club


Gravel cycling is for off-road adventure and on-road transition. Off-road there are no cars and endless places to explore, new things to find and the on-road means you can start from home, connecting the sectors and a good pace without the level of effort needed on a mountain bike and cover longer distance rides.

If you have a Gravel bike and want to ride with us, click on the 'More information' button.

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