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Made in Italy

Hand crafted products with the latest in technological enhancements, dedicated to performance racing.

World-class competition riding. The finest precision frame modelling combined with industry-leading components.

Choose from:

  • Gran Sasso (a fully customiseable Road bike)

  • SLR2 (a performance Road bike, fully customisable, engineered to handle endurance race challenges)

  • Gravel (an endurance gravel racer)

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Di Luca bikes: Image
White Marble


"Gran Sasso" the Apennine mountain ranges of central Italy

Designed and built in italy

Available in 7 sizes

100% Tailor-made

Starting from £11,500 (frame £7,000)

Di Luca have trialled and tested the best bikes and components on the most demanding routes in the world and in the most extreme conditions, against the wind of the northern classics and in the heat of the roads of the Giro routes.
The search for perfection in a racing frame led them to embark on the path of developing and building the optimal high-performance racing bike.
Moments of solitude and extreme fatigue in the mountains gave birth to the ‘Gran Sasso’ project. A riding experience and frame with real attention to detail and ergonomics. They tell us their perseverance and collected experience pushed them to create something that had no limits, something pure, true and uniquely beautiful like their mountains.  The “Gran Sasso” is in honour of the mountains that inspired this remarkable project.
The weight distribution makes this bike into a true thoroughbred that triumphs when the road begins to climb. Its aerodynamic finish makes it incredibly effective on the downhills and flats, a perfect choice for any terrain.

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Di Luca bikes: Image
White Marble


Fully customisable hand-made and painted in Italy performance bike engineered to handle both endurance and racing challenges.

Available in 5 sizes

Custom painting

Starting from £5,500 (frame £3,200)

The Killer Slr2 model is a bike specifically built to ensure maximum comfort.
Rather than woven carbon fibres a directional carbon fibre structure that ensures maximum comfort by absorbing road vibrations for a more pleasurable ride.
A balanced ride quality between the front headset design and seat stay helps during those long days in the saddle, without compromising handling and responsiveness.
The Di Luca Rider-Emotion DesignTM technology has been applied to aerodynamics, designed to be faster with a chain stay that has increased aerodynamic structure. The Slr2 model will help you reach your new personal best, and get on the podium in pre-established races.

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Di Luca bikes: Image
White Marble



Available in 5 sizes

Custom painting

Starting from £5,400 (Frame £

A completely new frame with simple and aggressive lines, here is GRVL. Designed and built to tackle great distances on any terrain, GRVL maintains the Di Luca riding feel but makes versatility its strength.  With classic 700c by 25mm wheels are fast and powerful on asphalt. Equipped with 40mm tires, fly on dirt roads or muddy meadows you won’t be limited.
A versatile, powerful bike. GRVL is made of Toray T800 UD carbon with Nanoalloy Technology with an integrated frame design, fork, seat post and handlebar. All of which is sold exclusively as an inseparable KIT which ensures a perfect mix of balance and reactivity capable of absorbing heavy vibrations resulting in maximum comfort for long on and off-road journeys.
The integrated Freccia handlebar and a very slim front fork improves aerodynamic optimisation and optimal handling control. Comes with marble effect finishing and chameleon textures making the GRVL a hard yet still attractive collection.

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Let us know which bike you are interested in, provide some contact information and we will be in touch.

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