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We want to be different.  Do you?

WARNING...If you are looking for the same bike as your friend, or to go on a cycling break to the same place they go, The Cyclist Studio might not be for you! 

However, if you like the thought of not following the crowd and a bike or experience that offers something better, different and more enjoyable, you are in the right place.

The Cyclists Studio is shaped by John Dawson and Gordon 'Spike' Clark.

John has been riding bikes for 20+ years on many of the popular "well pedalled routes" and just as many less well known.  In 2020 he founded a The Cyclists of Stamford', a cycling club that now has more than 100 members and has raised £1,000's for local charities.

'Spike' is an ex RAF Wing Commander, and PT instructor, whose experience and organisational skills ensure faultless delivery.  His interest in cycling was sparked by The Cyclists of Stamford and as each month goes by, his love of cycling increases. 

Our raison de'tre, is a personal 'boutique' style service where we understand you and go the extra mile.

We aim for 'WOW' and hope to have the opportunity to enjoy a ride together.  If you don't become a lifetime customer we won't have achieved everything we set out to do.

P.S. We are both British Cycling Ride Lead and First aid qualified.

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