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26th June to 1st July

High mountains, steep downhills, and rough terrain – at first sight, Norway may seem like a cycling destination reserved for hard-core road cycling or mountain biking.

On the other hand, there’s a lot more to Norway than hair-raising peaks. Thanks to a remarkably varied topography, even the more inexperienced cyclists can find suitable routes. The bike is a wonderful way to get closer to nature and discover hidden gems.

The interest in cycling in Norway has skyrocketed in the last few years. A number of local and national initiatives are turning the country into a top cycling destination. Starting in the mountains and ending by the fjord, there are some great routes and you will be surrounded by stunning, wild, 'WOW' Norwegian scenic backdrops.

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Everything You Need

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Road or E-Bike

If you don't plan on bringing your own bike, we've got some great options.


Pellestova Hotell

From humble beginnings in as a simple cafe, Pellestova has grown into a premiere hotel replete with fine dining restaurant with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and flavoursome dishes. In addition, Pellestova’s exquisite wine cellar is second to none and certainly one of only a handful offering such a notable selection of fine wines at such an altitude.

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We've got this

Support vehicle

No need to carry any spares, the just in case clothing or 2 bidons, the extra weight can go in the support vehicle, so you can fly along the gravel tracks.


If something stops working, you can take in the views, have a drink and refuel.  We've got the fixing stuff covered.

Local guide

Who better to guide us on the best routes and take us to the best cafes, serving great coffee, than someone who has lived and ridden in the area for many years.

British Cycling - Ride leads

In addition to the local guide, we are Level 2 qualified and have a wealth of experience from our involvement in our local club.


Relax and enjoy

To be confirmed.

Norway - Oslo: Services


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We will get back to you ASAP to understand how we can get you involved in better, different, more enjoyable and as many WOW moments as possible.

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